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Q.110801 Indian population is likely to exceed that of China by 2040. Are the trends in production of food grains in line with our population growth. Is there a need and scope for a 2nd green revolution to help India meet this challenge. What are the options offered by science in this context?
Q.110802 Is it possible to use natural fibres for medicinal purposes and surgical procedures? If yes, which are those fibres and how are they used.
Q.110803 What is clonal propogation of plant species? Outline the steps involved in this technique and how does it help the farmers?
Q.110804 Flowers are now a big business. Which are the ten most important flower varities cultivate and traded across the world? Which countries are among five top exporters of flowers in the world? Where does India stands in this respect?
Q.110805 Mangroves are critical coastal eco-systems which are under unprecedented pressures of human origin. What is the global area and geographical distribution of mangroves? Which 5 Indian states account for bulk of mangroves area in India? What are the likely repurcussions of distruction of mangroves on livelyhoods & welfare of coastal populations?