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Forthcoming Events, August 2011

As the new school session (2011-12) begins, the DNA Clubs member schools set a schedule for the DNA Club activities for the year running simultaneously with the school curriculum. The following activities are lined up for the month of August:

Sikkim and Manipur (IBSD)

Guest lecture: Importance of Forests (related topic)

Essay Writing Topics: Importance of forest & Human impact on forest and environment

Vacation Training Program: 11th - 27th August, 2011 (Tentative)

Maharashtra & Goa (BVIEER)

A three-day Teacher Training workshop will be held at Pune. Two DNA Club coordinators from each of the 20 schools will participate. The workshop will train the teachers to conduct the DNA Club activities in their respective schools.
Tamil Nadu (LIFE)

Guest Lecture: Audio Visual Show: The Last Lions of India

Hands-on /Lab activity:
MP, UP & Bihar (NASI)

Institutional Visit : Regional Science City, Lucknow.

Workshop on : Advancement in Science.

This will comprise Guest Lectures : Hands-on Training, and Audio Visual shows.

Audio Visual shows:
Jammu & Kashmir (CBS)

Institutional/Field Visit : Hands on Activities : Compilation of local biodiversity
Gujarat (GCSC)

Guest Lecture : Nutrition

Institutional Visit: Audio Visual Show: Images of Nature

Two Laboratory Experiments will be conducted
An interschool DNA Clubs competition will be held among the 10 DNA Clubs member schools