Activities and Approaches  

DNA CLUBS Program seeks to seamlessly integrate with the formal school curriculum, a set of round the year activities aimed at giving young students a comprehensive exposure to, and an overview of, the fascinating world of bio-resources. Formally constituted DNA Clubs in each partner school act as a special purpose vehicle to plan and implement various activities envisaged under the program. The program in each school is coordinated by a designated school coordinator.



  • Lectures by invited experts on selected topics
  • Visits to premier scientific institutions for a first hand exposure to     cutting edge technology and research efforts
  • Educational excursions to field locations having significant learning     takeaways from a bioresources perspective.
  • Laboratory experiments and hands-on activities on bio-resource     themes inside and outside the school
  • Audio-Visual presentations and film screenings on issues relevant     to management of bioresources
  • Intra & Inter School competitions on Bio-resource Themes
  • Vacation Training Programs