About DNA Clubs

Bioresources form the bedrock on which the edifice of human civilisation ultimately rests. For humanity to sustain its existence on earth, it is necessary that not only the significance of bioresources is well understood but the actions are geared in a manner that leads to sustainable management and conservation of bioresources.

The DNA CLUBS (DBT's Natural Resource Awareness Clubs) Program seeks to seamlessly integrate with the formal school curriculum, a set of round the year activities aimed at giving young students a comprehensive exposure to, and an overview of, the fascinating world of bio-resources. Formally constituted DNA Clubs in each partner school act as a special purpose vehicle to plan and implement various activities envisaged under the program.

DNA CLUBS Program is the flagship school outreach program of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The program has evolved signifcantly since it was first launched in July, 2007.